Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Just finished reading “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Quite a frustrating book. For the first 200+ pages, I kept wondering what everyone was raving about. I remember seeing a woman on a plane with the book; as I walked down the aisle to my seat, I asked her “Does this get any better?” and she replied that it was really good, that I shouldn’t give up. So after taking many breaks during the first almost 300 pages of the book to read other books, I took GWDT with me on a recent trip and finally got why it was so compelling. I finished it just last night. Ending up enjoying it doesn’t change my mind about the first almost-half of the book. Why do (sorry to be making a generalization here) European writers spend so much time on what appears to be unnecessary exposition. Maybe to justify what Blomvquist and Salander end up doing to Wennerstrom, but still. Maybe with all that out of the way, books 2 and 3 can get right into the crimes/mysteries. I shall continue with the series!

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