Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This past Halloween, my grandson, who is 3, dressed as a fireman. I made the coat and bag for him, out of red and black “pleather” and he already had some boots and a hat from the local Firehouse Subs store. As I worked on the coat in the weeks leading up to Halloween, he was very interested – “Are you making my fireman coat, G-ma? Is it done, G-ma?” And the few times I quickly tried it on him, to make sure the overall length was right or the sleeve length was right or that it wouldn’t completely swallow him up, I tried to also make sure he was distracted enough that he didn’t try to keep it. It all worked out and he was completely adorable, as you can see in this photo. The day after Halloween, he put the coat back on to play catch in the living room.

I can’t begin to say how incredible life is with him in it. When he comes barreling into the room, the whole world lights up. He’s so delighted in everything, so curious, so serious at times and so full of joy at other times. I know what parents and grandparents mean when they say they wish that the NOW could be preserved, that he or she might never grow up beyond this moment. But of course that can’t be.