Friday, October 22, 2010

The Liberal Media

This whole Juan Williams thing is crazy. I hate politics; I hate political discourse. I am wired to be pretty much a bleeding heart liberal and I vote Democrat and I just don’t want to hear political discussion of any kind. No one’s going to change anyone’s mind. I do believe Juan overstepped in his remarks on national television. He violated the NPR policy which is that one does not say in another forum that which would not be allowed over the NPR airwaves. So, firing him was the right thing to do. I hope NPR does not reverse itself. What I’m thinking is that any journalist who expresses his or her opinion is not presenting news – he or she is expressing an opinion. I haven’t watched much Fox News – OK, I admit it, I’ve pretty much watched NO Fox News – but my impression is that it is a network of opinion expressers. I have a natural liberal bias, so maybe I hear NPR news (not the opinions that are clearly framed as opinions or analysis or whatever) as unbiased where it wouldn’t sound that way to someone more conservative than I.

As for the media in general, shame on them all. I feel strongly that we (silly, gullible Americans that we can often be) are allowing ourselves to be whipped into frenzy by news outlets that want to sell more advertising. If it bleeds, it leads – so let’s cut a bunch of stuff up.

I’m the first to admit that I am going completely on gut here, not on any factual research. Just sayin’.

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